The Teacher

Nothing too exciting to talk about here. John Tomasi is simply a man who loves God and loves His Word. He is rather unique in the Christian podcast world, however. He isn’t a pastor of a church. He doesn’t have a degree from a Bible college, seminary or Divinity school; though he does hold a Master’s Degree in business. In fact, most of his adult life he has spent in the business world. At one point, he decided to heed the leading of God and formed an independent Bible teaching ministry with his wife Catherine and daughter Samantha. His lack of credentials can either make you so uncomfortable that you pass us by without giving us a chance or it’ll comfort you to know John has nothing to lose by presenting Truth. He has no reputation to protect. No alma mater to honorably represent. No deacon board to please and no denomination dogma to stand behind, at all costs. John Tomasi just wants to inspire you to take responsibility for what you hold sacred. He wants to remind you that in order to love someone you must get to know them first. God gave us His Word to tell us about Himself, His Son and His Holy Spirit. God, whom Jesus said we should call Father, wants a relationship with you and so He wrote you a love letter and John wants to read it to you…at the very least, encourage you to read it yourself.